Technical Specification for MobilHome

The MobilHome module produced by Reingard Design facility model protected by patent No. 001805904-0001

1. Purpose

  • living (all-year),
  • hotel,
  • office,
  • shop,
  • service,
  • catering,
  • exhibition,
  • waterhome

2. Technological scope

  • possibility of multiple module moving,
  • module mounting not associated with land in legal terms (building permit not required),
  • possibility of joining single modules in sets.

3. Technical information

  • length: 890 cm,
  • external width: 370 cm,
  • external height: 320 cm,
  • internal length: 750 cm,
  • external width: 430 cm,
  • internal height: 250 cm,
  • area: 25 m2,
  • weight: 5t.

The structure of the module is made of high quality German or Swedish wood in the C24 class and insulation by STEICO which specializes in the construction of passive and low-energy houses. All its elements are joined with quality system solutions (spax, Simpson, metal plate fasteners by Wolf System). The wall and ceiling surface is finished with high quality and water resistant plywood with its surface varnished with colorless paint for a natural wooden effect. The floor base is made of water resistant 22mm thick plywood ready for the application of the surface layer according to individual preferences (or otherwise upon prior settlement). Insulation materials include impregnated natural wood and aluminium coffers, the roof is covered with a PVC membrane (SIKA type).

4. Comfort
The module is intended for all-year use. The construction materials perfectly insulate thermally and acoustically and thanks to its simultaneous diffusion permitting properties, regulate the module’s climate in a simple and economic way.

5. Power supply
The module contains full electric power supply which includes all necessary elements, such as the power socket, switchboard, junction box – 11 pcs, light cables routed both in walls, as in ceiling.

6. Heating
The heating installation consists of efficient and economic heating mats (Greenie, Infraheat) easy to control and with short heating up time, installed in the floor layer or on the wall circumference - depending on the applied solution of the internal finishing. Alternatively, we use infrared heating panels according to individual interior designs.

7. Sanitary part
The module contains an Agafil sanitary unit. Depending on its purpose, a toilet or bathroom with shower module is used.

The facade is covered with impregnated wood or aluminium coffers. The facility is equipped with high quality aluminium joinery. The walls and the ceiling are painted, the bathroom is fully equipped, power supply and the heating system is fully routed, whereas the top floor layer as well as the installation of light fittings are left for individual responsibility. Prior to production, joint arrangements with clients are made, concluded with an execution design which is the base for the construction of the module. The purchaser has an almost unlimited influence as to the ultimate facility image. Clients define the facade type, distribution of the window and door openings, materials, colors and the front case opening. It is also possible to select: bathroom layout, the location of the approach to the kitchenette, distribution of light switches and outlet sockets. It is a particularly significant stage in case of catering or commercial purposes of the module or in case of creating a bigger living set. At this stage, the client has the direct possibility to influence not only the outside image but also the end price.